Getting Start With C# Console Application

In this article, I am going to talk about C#. C# is a most popular and powerful object-oriented programming language. It has developed by Microsoft. C# is mostly used to develop web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, games, and much more.

1. How to print sentence in console application

Open .net console app


Create Application


After you will be able to see a page like below

Print statement in c#. there are two ways to print values.

I. If you want to print the value in the same line, then you can use

Console.Write(“Hello World!”);

II. If you want to print the value in a new line, then you can use,

Console.WriteLine(“Hello World!”);

You will be able to see your result in console.

In here you will face trouble thus your terminal will close soon before you see anything. You can avoid that adding “Console.Readline();” command below your first statement.



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