In this post, I am focusing on creating SQL connection object in a better way.

step 01

In the beginning we want to create Connection. In here I am using MSSQL server as my database server. Generally we create connection string out side the program.

“In here app.config file is used to store connection string details like below screenshot”


There are several types of variables in c#. Variables are used to store some data and manipulate it in a program.

int — stores integers (Whole numbers) ex: — 123

int a = 123; //type variable_name = value;

double — stores floating point numbers including decimal values.

double a =…

In this article, I am going to talk about C#. C# is a most popular and powerful object-oriented programming language. It has developed by Microsoft. C# is mostly used to develop web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, games, and much more.

1. How to print sentence in console application


Maleesha Wickramarathna

I am a 3rd-year Software Engineering undergraduate at the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology- SLIIT , :IT19004778

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